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Blade Test Development Engineer

Are you an expert in the structural design of wind turbine blades, who would like to use your experience to help us develop new testing methods for the blades of the future? Blades for offshore wind turbines are rapidly growing beyond the 100 m mark, an upscaling which demands new testing methods to satisfy client-set time frames and deadlines. These new testing methods would be tailored to each new blade design, ensuring the validation of the principal design and manufacturing processes.

All new wind turbine types are subject to type certification. A mandatory part of the certification process is structural testing of the blades. Blade Test Centre A/S (Blaest) performs full-scale structural testing of blades for the globally leading blade and wind turbine manufacturers.

The Job

As our new Blade Test Development Engineer, you will be involved in:

  • The development of test methods, test equipment and measurement/monitoring systems.
  • Testing segmented blades and substructures.
  • Joint industry projects within blade testing (such as Blatigue – BLATIGUE-2 – DTU Wind and Energy Systems).
  • Collaboration with our customers regarding test methods and their needs in respect to design validation.
  • Documentation and implementation of new methods in the commercial operation of the test centre.
    We would like to see you use your acquired skills and experience in the structural design of wind turbine blades to maximize testing efficiency and overcome the inherent challenges of testing the ultra large blades of the future.


  • Master or Ph.D. engineering degree.
  • Comprehensive experience with the structural design of wind turbine blades is required for this position.
  • Good understanding of test related areas, such as: test theory, measurement and monitoring technology, data management.
  • English skills at professional level (orally as well as written).
  • Your new colleagues speak English, but Danish is the daily spoken language at Blaest. If you do not speak Danish, you must be prepared to take language training during your employment.

Personal Competences
It will be your duty to drive our development of new test methods. Therefore, you must have a personal drive and eagerness to push the limits and to find new and creative solutions. Additionally, you should be comfortable with networking and collaborating across the industry with other experts.

What We Offer

As a relatively small company, Blaest offers an environment where our engineers enjoy short decision processes as well as broad engineering responsibilities. We try to be as agile as possible in our attitude towards both the business and our customers. In many cases, our engineers and technicians are exploring new frontiers and pioneering industry-leading techniques to overcome the technical challenges they face when testing new blade types and designs.

The atmosphere of our working environment is characterized by everybody knowing each other and being involved with each other. We win and lose together as a team.

We value flexibility and efficiency from our employees and ensure that our divisions are well organized and properly managed to achieve the greatest possible result. You will find well-structured employment terms and an attractive salary package in conjunction with this position.

Place of Employment
Blaest is located at Landdybet 10, DK-9220 Aalborg Ø, Denmark. You must have/take residence in Denmark, but not necessarily in Aalborg. A home office is a possibility, that should allow for an acceptable level of commuting between your home and Blaest – even if you live in other areas of Denmark.

Please send your motivated application, CV and other relevant documents to, marked “Blade Test Development Engineer” as soon as possible. We will evaluate applications continuously. For further details, please contact Technical Manager Brian Boe Christensen, telephone: +45 2234 5459. You can read more about BLAEST at

Blade Test Centre A/S (Blaest) is a world leading independent test centre for the structural testing of wind turbine blades. The company has accumulated 40 years of experience testing turbine blades and validating their designs. It is jointly owned by the Danish Technical University (DTU), FORCE Technology and DNV. We are 45 employees – primarily engineers and technicians – providing our testing services to the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturers.