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blaest personale 2023
Blaest has a dedicated team of about 50 employees. Most of them being either test engineers or test technicians.

Although blade testing may seem like a simple process, it actually requires mastering many different engineering and technical disciplines and skills. Besides working with the composite blades, we need a lot of structures, electrical power, hydraulics, mechanics and measuring systems to make everything work. If you are a technically curious person with a fascination of testing big structures and interested in combining theory and practice in your everyday work, a future with Blaest may be your calling.

Working at Blaest requires a flexible and customer-focused mind-set. Sometimes your presence is needed outside normal working hours, but on the other hand we also offer the flexibility required for maintaining a proper work life balance. We are a small team working very closely together in an informal working environment. At Blaest we primarily employ test engineers and test technicians.

As a TEST ENGINEER you will be responsible for planning, simulating and preparing the full-scale blade tests. When conducting the various tests, you will have the overall responsibility and be in close dialog with the client. The final report which sums up the data from the test will also be your responsibility. In a varying working day you will work both in the office behind computer screens as well as in the test hall.

As a TEST TECHNICIAN you will be part of the technical team carrying out all the practical activities in the test hall; such as preparing and installing test and measurement equipment, blade handling, setting up the tests, test conducting, inspections and surveillance. We have a broad variety of technical competences within measuring techniques, electrical, mechanical and structural systems. We carry out a lot of internal development projects within the field of simulation tools, programming, measurement systems, data management, test equipment and methods, etc. Such projects typically involve engineers and technicians as well as consultants and equipment suppliers.