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Completed test

BLAEST completed testing of the world’s largest rotor blade – The LM 88.4P

BLAEST successfully completed full-scale structural testing of the LM 88.4P rotor blade. The blade is developed by LM Wind Power for Adwen’s new 8 MW offshore wind turbine.


The full-scale structural blade testing is a mandatory part of the type certification process. The test programme defined in the IEC 61400-23 standard covers extreme as well as fatigue loading to demonstrate that the blade can withstand all operational offshore load conditions throughout the lifetime of the wind turbine.

“We were extremely proud to be selected as LM Wind Power’s collaboration partner for the blade testing”, says BLAEST’s Managing Director, Erik Steen Jensen. “When performing complicated tests on such a large structure, you always face unexpected situations, where you need to react promptly, be flexible and customer oriented. That is exactly what we are known for. Our more than 30 years of experience within blade testing helped us taking the 88 m blade safely and efficiently through the tests.”

The tests have been performed in an effective and fruitful collaboration with LM Wind Power’s design and test engineers.