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BLAEST approved as IECRE Testing Laboratory (RETL)

BLAEST approved as IECRE Testing Laboratory (RETL)

We are proud to announce that BLAEST has become an approved RETL 
(Renewable EnergyTesting Laboratory) within the IECRE system.

This enable us to provide blade testing services according to the IECRE certification scheme and issue IECRE test reports.

You can find our certificate here:

What is the IECRE certification scheme?

The IECRE certification scheme replaces the “IEC 61400-22 – Conformity testing and certification”

which was withdrawn in 2018. The aim of the new system is to ensure

  • A structured certification process for various types of renewable energy equipment
  • A high and equal quality level among testing laboratories and certification bodies
  • International recognition of testing and certification

Learn more about IECRE at